The 4th conference “Days of Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Federation of BiH”


The conference “4th Spatial Data Infrastructure Days of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina” was held in Neum on October 26 and 27, 2023, in the organization of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs, the coordinating body of the Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The attendees were addressed by Mr. Željko Obradović, Chairman of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Council and Director of the FGA, Mr. Mikael Ljilje Chairman of the International Services Department, Lantmäteriet and Mr. Željko Nedić, Federal Minister for Spatial Planning.

The Conference represented a unique opportunity to gather all significant participants in the field of Spatial Data Infrastructure and a forum for discussion, exchange of opinions and experiences, as well as an overview of current progress regarding this field. An interesting and professional Conference program was organized for the participants, which was divided into two working days, organized into 4 sessions, with a total of 20 exceptional lecturers representing the public, private and academic sectors. A total of 100 registered participants were registered for the Conference in front of 60 different domestic legal stakeholders, and 10 different international partners of the SDI FBiH Coordination Body.

It was concluded that significant steps have been taken in this field in the previous period, through the activities of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs and the SDI bodies, Council and working groups. This positive moment can and should be used for the further SDI FBH development, for strengthening the capacity of SDI subjects, the establishment of necessary services and the implementation of the INSPIRE directive rules, i.e. the transposition of the entire Directive into domestic legislation.

The goal of establishing the Spatial Data Infrastructure is to create preconditions to rationalize the collection of spatial data and to standardize isolated islands of data, at all levels, so that they can be networked and used with quality. Connecting different information that is spatially defined (georeferenced), enables users to carry out complex searches and analyses and connect phenomena in space, the prerequisites for modern management of space and spatial resources are realized.

  1. The participants of the conference express their gratitude to the SDI coordination body for the excellent organization and provision of relevant and professional conference content;

  2. The participants emphasize the need for continuous organization of the “Days of SDI FBiH” conference and support the coordinating body in its efforts to organize this promotional event regularly and traditionally every year.

  3. The participants express their gratitude to the international donor actors for their previous support for the SDI establishment and development, and emphasize the further need for cooperation with donors and creditors in designing activities aimed at developing the Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Federation of BiH.

  4. The importance of the development and implementation of new modern IT systems for the collection and maintenance of spatial data is highlighted, which increases data security, efficiency and easy access.

  5. During the conference, the participants highlighted the enviable level of construction of the formal and legal framework for the SDI establishment, emphasizing the need to continuously raise the level of awareness of all participants in this process and to raise the level of information exchange, knowledge transfer and the possibility of achieving new levels of activity by launching multi-user projects.

  6. The importance of transparency, i.e. accuracy, security and reliability of data, which should be constantly strived for and which is the basis of the success of the overall economy of a society, is highlighted.

  7. The participants express their satisfaction with the continuous organization of events with promotional and educational content in the field of Spatial Data Infrastructure for the purpose of strengthening inter-institutional cooperation and exchange of professional knowledge and information.