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The official website of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is intended for all readers who want to know more about spatial data and the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SPI). Given the fact that 80% of information is related to some spatial component, spatial data and its distribution are becoming of general interest. The increasing demands of users, as well as the increasing amount of spatial data due to the modern technologies of their collection, have encouraged the construction of complete systems for spatial data management, better known as spatial data infrastructures or geoinformation infrastructures.
Spatial data is all around us, even though we often don’t notice it, they help us carry out our daily tasks and jobs, accompany us in our social activities and increase the value of other information that surrounds us.
Due to its fundamental value, spatial data is needed by almost all economic branches and scientific disciplines, and spatial data, their management, their exchange and use form one of the foundations of the development of society. Without infrastructure we exist as separate individuals, while with infrastructure we exist as a community. Therefore, the infrastructure of spatial data allows us to create a community of producers and users of spatial data.
Precisely for this reason, we want users to acquire basic knowledge about the value of spatial data and the infrastructure of spatial data. The basic purpose is to convey messages to IPP participants (IPP subjects and users) about the importance of spatial data for IPP development and significance.

Directo of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs and president of the SDI Council

Željko Obradović, dipl. ing. geod.


why spatial data infrastructure?

In today’s society, infrastructure is the basis for the construction of any segment, whether it is traffic infrastructure, utility infrastructure, business infrastructure or spatial data infrastructure. Infrastructure by definition implies technical structures and systems that support society.

The goal of establishing the Spatial Data Infrastructure is to create the prerequisites to rationalize the collection of spatial data and to standardize isolated islands of data, at all levels, so that they can be networked and used with quality. Connecting different information that is spatially defined (georeferenced), enables users to carry out complex searches and analyzes and connect phenomena in space, the prerequisites for modern management of space and spatial resources are realized.

Establishing a single framework for spatial data would reduce duplication and redundancy of data and minimize the efforts that should be invested in data collection and management. Spatial data comes from different sources and producers, each with its own requirements and needs. In order for combining data from different sources and from different producers to be possible without additional efforts, it is necessary to use standards that will serve many users and facilitate the use of data. In this way, significant savings in resources, time and money are achieved, better connectivity, a culture of sharing and cooperation, and the transparency of administration and decision-making is strengthened.

Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs

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