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The SDI FBiH Metadata

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Data on spatial data



Metadata are data about data. Those are data on:

  • Spatial datasets and services
  • Harmonization of the spatial data with prescribed norms
  • Access conditions and using of spatial data sets and services
  • Quality and promptness of spatial datasets
  • Bodies, organizations, public firms or legal entities responsible for establishment, maintenance, access, exchange and using of spatial datasets and services
  • Spatial datasets with limited access and reasons of limitation

All metadata about SDI FBiH displayed data on the web viewer can be found in the Metadata Catalogue. The interested party can be informed about:

  • Responsible institution for certain datasets (contact information)
  • Conditions and limitation on using data
  • Information on data maintenance and promptness
  • Spatial data coverage
  • Spatial data quality and available formats, etc.

The SDI FBiH Metadata can be searched, downloaded, edited and used on a custom map within the Metadata Catalogue.

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On the custom map, user can add available web services (WMS, WMTS and WFS) from Catalogue or their own downloadable local data (KML and KMZ), as well as combine data from other countries on the map, manipulate data, create point/line/polygonal geospatial data, print in a scale view and other.

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