To help stakeholders to define the INSPIRE /NSDI theme to which their spatial data belongs, INSPIRE has developed an interactive platform  INSPIRE Interactive Data Specifications , which supports and assists in the implementation of INSPIRE, and which consists of two applications: Find your scope and Data specifications.

Stakeholders can also use the following topic selection tool, developed by INSPIRE,which help you to choose topics:

Theme data specifications can also be used:

Spatial data covered by the NSI are arranged according to spatial data topics given in Data specifications.


The INSPIRE Resource linkages checker tool is intended for all INSPIRE data and service providers, as well as all network service providers for the purpose of checking the connection of spatial data source metadata (data set, review and download services). The tool allows you to check spatial data sources that have already been downloaded to the INSPIRE geoportal, as well as metadata of new sources that have just been created.

The figure shows the initial view of the INSPIRE source connectivity check tool, with the option to choose between two metadata check options: new and existing.

The application of the tool provides a report on potential problems, which relate to the correctness of the established metadata connections between the spatial data sources identified during the download to the INSPIRE geoportal.

Access to the INSPIRE source connectivity checker is provided at the following link:

The platform ( is part of the official INSPIRE knowledge base training library and consists of a set of training modules.

The INSPIRE Education Library ( has published three new modules regarding topics currently being addressed by Member States in the INSPIRE implementation process.

In addition to the new modules in the INSPIRE training library, numerous educational materials are available, which are provided by the European Commission, the European Environment Agency, but also other research projects and other stakeholders. Access to the INSPIRE library is free, but user registration is required.

The topics of the new educational modules are:

  • Principles for data and metadata harmonization according to INSPIRE
  • From INSPIRE to e-Government
  • Monitoring and understanding emerging geospatial technologies.

Also, the INSPIRE network service module was updated and a new video was added that explains to users the benefits of using INSPIRE data and examples of good practice in INSPIRE implementation.

INSPIRE training modules are available to all SDI stakeholders at the following link

The purpose of the INSPIRE Reference Validator is to help data providers, solution providers and national coordinators to check whether data sets, network services and metadata meet the requirements defined in the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines. The Validator provides detailed test reports to help implementers understand how well their data, services, metadata or software solutions are doing (or where improvements may be needed).

The Validator is based on the Abstract and Executable Test Suites agreed between Member States and the Commission in the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group, and includes a helpdesk to address feedback, bug reports and feature requests from the INSPIRE community. See the changelog of the current and past releases and the release planning strategy for the plan of future releases of the INSPIRE Reference Validator.

On June 15, 2021, the most important annual update of the INSPIRE Reference Validator was announced. This release includes the validation rules applied in the end-of-year Monitoring process, i.e. the reference tests against which the conformity of the INSPIRE resources published by Member States are measured. In order to give NSDI entities and contractors sufficient time to prepare their sources for the monitoring deadline in December, each year the major release of the INSPIRE Reference Validator is published several months in advance (in June). In particular, any major changes (i.e. changes that make tests more restrictive as well as new tests) will be included in the version of the INSPIRE Reference Validator released on June 15, after which tests will not be more restrictive until annual monitoring in December.